Sawgrass Focus

Single Asset Repositioning

Sawgrass Partners Inc. identifies a pipeline of investment opportunities consisting of properties that are under-performing in relation to comparable assets. These situations offer the potential for highly attractive risk-adjusted returns. We take an experienced look at the properties and develop a plan to make them profitable.

Corporate Diversities

Financial institutions and corporations face continuous pressure to remove non-core assets, including real estate, from their balance sheets. Time pressures generally motivate these sellers. We are well positioned to identify and capitalize on these volatile opportunities.

Development Opportunities

We actively renovate and pursue from the ground up development opportunities. We look for properties with competitive advantages, such as exceptional location or barriers to entry for comparable products. Our managers handle the total process of market analysis, site acquisition and engineering through financing, design and construction.

Land Acquisition

With an intimate understanding of growth patterns and new developments in Northeast Florida, Sawgrass Partners Inc. is able to invest strategically in raw land at values under market.

Network of Property Owners

Sawgrass Partners Inc. creates a partnership with motivated land owners who provide property in return for local market development and leasing expertise. We expect our relationship with property owners to grow even faster as they become more averse to selling but need help in maximizing lease annuity value.

Design Build

Sawgrass Partners Inc. builds to suit for companies. From the beginning, our space planners work to design floor plans right through to the time of turning over the completed building, including installation of furniture if required. We are a total facility solution, handling land acquisition, then overseeing architecture, engineering and construction.

Proprietary Deal Flow

Sawgrass Partners Inc. concentrates on opportunities gained through relationships with our clients. We have extensive information available through a network of brokers in Jacksonville and throughout the US.

Proactive Asset and Investment Management

We base our success on proficiency in asset and investment management, our ability to seamlessly coordinate and oversee all facets of the commercial real estate process.

Sawgrass Partners Inc. embraces a streamlined philosophy, “The Hub Concept.” We believe that time spent by a partner or client in the investment process reduces that individual’s time spent in his or her career.

Disciplined Investment Approach

We have developed a highly disciplined investment process that includes a rigorous review of risk factors, contingency plans and exit plans. We consider the ability to control downside risks a critical investment element.

Leasing and Sales

One way we pay for our partnership percentage is by finding the buyer or tenant who will best maximize returns on an investment. Brokers are given a defined strategy to attract specific tenants and/or buyers through targeted mail-outs and market canvassing.

Cutting-Edge Research and Statistics

The firm boasts an extensive database that provides accurate and current statistics on building sales, rents and absorption. Our specialists track roadway improvements, traffic patterns and other important demographic information.

Close Relationship with Our Partners

Clients of Sawgrass Partners Inc. truly have a partner who is working to help them. We abide by a hands-on, open philosophy that keeps clients continually informed of all progress and allows us to be in constant communication with their needs.