Partner Characteristics

Who are our investment partners? Typically they fit one of three profiles:

  • Partners are financially stable but may be too heavily invested in stocks and bonds. Diversity is the key to their portfolio’s success. Often financial advisors recommend they divert a portion of their assets into commercial real estate. However, investing in commercial real estate can be risky without expert investment guidance.
  • Partners are people with a desire to reinvest proceeds from a recent sale of commercial real estate. By utilizing tax-deferred exchanges, these clients can avoid substantial capital gains taxes. For these partners we choose a commercial real estate investment with exactly the requirements they desire. By working with Sawgrass Partners Inc. their risks are minimized and returns are improved.
  • Partners may own vacant land or property with a depreciated or under-utilized building situated on it. There will be significant tax consequences if they sell. Those owners allow Sawgrass Partners Inc. to develop or redevelop their property thereby gaining new tenants, avoiding capital gains taxes and retaining lease annuity income.

Do you recognize yourself or your own investment profile in one of those scenarios? Sawgrass Partners Inc. can help you address your real estate portfolio concerns and work with you toward identifying and achieving your financial goals.