Why Real Estate?

For many years, investors have turned to real estate to enhance their investment portfolio returns and protect their capital through diversification. While professional investors have long recognized the low risk/high return characteristics that a real estate investment conveys, private investors have largely been excluded from this market. Why? Too few qualified real estate investment managers offer these opportunities.

Sawgrass Partners Inc. is earning an enviable reputation as Jacksonville, Florida’s innovative leader in investments. For over 20 years in Jacksonville, we have facilitated access to an important investment alternative: commercial real estate.

Real estate values remain attractive in Florida relative to other investment alternatives, and the outlook is excellent for future returns on real estate.

As an investor interested in diversification, you may want to consider investing in real estate for several significant reasons:

  • Real estate trades in an inefficient market, thereby enabling knowledgeable and experienced real estate investors to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.
  • Real estate has generated rates of return competitive with common stocks and superior to bonds.
  • Real estate, a major asset class, comprises approximately 16% of the investable capital market.